Bhai Sahib’s humility

Non-use of titles – When Bhai Sahib refused to attend Akhand Kirtan Samagam

Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee was an embodiment of humility and Sikhi. Even after reaching such high spiritual state as Brahmgyaan, he did not let anyone give him status higher than a humble Sikh. Bhai Sahib always stayed “Bhai” and did not even let anyone call him a Sant (Saint) or matha-tek (bow-down) to him. If someone did call Bhai Sahib with names like Brahmgyani or Sant, he used to get very upset.

Once Bhai Sahib went for Darshan of Siri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple). He was walking in the Prakarma (surroundings) when a Bibi (lady) sensing Bhai Sahib’s high avastha, tried to matha-tek (prostrate) to him. Bhai Sahib called out to his companion and said, “Hand me my cane. This old Bibi cannot see the Charan Kamal (lotus feet of the Guru) of Siri Guru Raamdaas jee and is coming towards my feet.”  The Bibi got scared and ran away saying, “This Sant beats too.”

There is another incident that has come to mind. This saakhi is not very common and was narrated by Gurmukh of Bhai Sahib’s times. Once the Sangat of Jaipur invited the whole Jatha to partake a Samagam . Bhai Sahib too was invited and agreed to go. All Gursikhs like Bhai Sahib, Bau Mal Singh and many others got ready and arrived at Jaipur.

The Sangat of Jaipur in the meantime had published and distributed posters of Bhai Sahib in which they praised Bhai Sahib with adjectives like “Sant”, “Brahmgyani”. When Bhai Sahib arrived at Jaipur and found out about these posters and such praising of his personality he wanted to set the record straight and stop such practice in the future. He did not believe that he was worthy of praise when only Guru Sahib should be accorded praise of this level. Bhai Sahib decided to not attend the Samagam., and instead stay at the place of a Gurmukh in Jaipur.

Many Gursikhs requested Bhai Sahib to come and Bhai Sahib with tears in his eyes questioned how will he face the Sangat and Guru Sahib. He said that he had been unduly praised and did not deserve any praise at all. In the end, Bau Mal Singh jee, whom Bhai Sahib never used to refuse came but Bhai Sahib still did not agree to come.

Now Bau jee said, “Bhai Sahib jee, if you don’t accept our request, then we will have to order you to come, in form of Punj Pyare (5 beloved ones which together are considered to be Guru’s form). How will you say no to them?”

Bhai Sahib humbly replied, “Bau jee, you are correct in saying that I can’t refuse the order of Punj Pyare but this Daas (I) can leave the body through the Dasam Duaar (the 10th door) and go to Sachkhand before the Punj Pyare arrive.”

Bhai Sahib could at will leave for Sachkhand through Dasam Duaar. In jail, when he was to be force-fed, he had told the doctor that if his Dharma is broken by force, it is possible that he leave his body for Sachkhand, through Dasam Duaar.

In the end Bhai Sahib did not go to the Samagam and stayed merged in Naam at the house he was staying. It was because of such strict stands that Sangat did not accord Bhai Sahib with adjectives like “Sant”, “Shiromini Sant” etc.

The lesson to be learned from this Saakhi is that we should forever stay humble Gursikhs and never try to get a higher status. It is detrimental to our spiritual health, if we don’t heed to this advice of Mahapurakhs (great-beings) like Bhai Sahib jee.

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