Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh has written numerous books on various religious & spiritual themes. In 1962, Giani Harbhajan Singh Chaminda and Giani Nahar Singh Gujarwal, both life long companions of Bhai Randhir Singh had entrusted Bhai Balbir Singh (son of Bhai Randhir Singh) to take up the work of publishing and distributing these books. Since then Bhai Balbir Singh worked almost single handedly to improve the quality of printing and publishing of these rich and invaluable writings. In 1978, Bhai Balbir Singh set up Bhai Randhir Singh Trust, Ludhiana, and since then these books are being published under its patronage.

Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Trust UK was started in 2011 as a registered charity and this website has been created to support this initiative and make the publications and other gurmat literature more accessible globally, through electronic media. As such we have published some books in various ways shown below. Please click on the icons below to access these.















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Books written by Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

1. Jail Chittiaan
This is the most popular and most widely read book of Bhai Sahib. This book contains a detailed account of Bhai Sahib’s life from the time Bhai Sahib got interested in Gurmat all the way up to 1930 when Bhai Sahib got released from jail. The first 100 pages or so are about how Bhai Sahib got into Sikhi and how he had Darshan of Vaheguru (Vision of God). Bhai Sahib had to endure extreme hardships in jail to keep Gurmat Rehit including Sarbloh Bibek. It includes how Bhai Sahib during the terrible times of early 1900s kept Sarbloh Bibek rehit in British jails.

2. Autobiogrphy of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh – A translation of Bhai Sahib’s most read and inspirational book “Jail Chittian” by Dr. Trilochan Singh, which starts with an introductory thesis of his life.

3. Rangle Sajjan – This books contains the life sketches of companions of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee and great Gurmukhs. It preserves some golden principles of Gurmat and inspires one to become a better Gursikh.

4. Andhitee Duniya – A mystical book on the “unseen” world

5. Gurmat Bibek – A book about the sikh code of conduct.

6. Gurmat Lekh – Collection of gurmat articles

7. Gurmat Parkaash – Collection of articles

8. Gurmat Vichaar – Collection of articles

9. Sachkhand Darshan – Analysis of the 5 Khand / levels of creation

10. Gurmat Gorvataa – Uniqueness and greatness of Gurmat.

11. Sant Padh NirNay – The true meaning of the word “Sant”

12. Katha Keertan – This book expresses that Gurbani Katha done at Gurdwara Sahibaan cannot be classified as Katha referred to in Gurbani. In Gurbani the word katha almost always means Gurbani itself or Naam Abhyaas. Gurbani in fact is the katha of Vaheguru jee, done by our Guru Sahibaan.

13. Gurmat Sach – The Concept of “Sach” (truth) in Gurbani

14. Charan Kamal ki mauj – This book is about the Charan Kamals of Vaheguru. How do you wash Guru Sahib’s Charan and drink them? This book also talks about inverted Lotus at the navel and how it becomes straight through Naam Abhyaas.

15. Naam, te Naam da data Satguru – This is another book totally devoted to the concept of Naam..

16. Kee Sri Guru Granth Sahib di puja but prasti hai? – This book talks about whether the worship of Sri Guru Granth Sahib can be equivalent to idol worship. It is based on a debate with an English officer.

17. Gurmat Naam Abhiyas Kamaaee – This book contains detailed account of Gurmat Naam. Questions like What is Naam, How to Japp Naam, Where to find Naam, the concept of Naam, How to focus on Naam, Where not to focus while chanting Naam, what is Ajappa Jaap, True meaning of Sunaia and Manai Pauris of Siri Jap jee Sahib and Sarang kee Vaar etc. have been answered in great detail.

18. Gurmat Adyamtmack karam philosophy – Analysis of karma philsophy in Gurmat

19. Anhad Shabad Dasam duaar – Gurbani mentions Dasam Duaar (the 10th Door), Anhad Shabad, Angana and Panch Shabad many times. Bhai Sahib in great detail has explained these concepts in the light of Gurmat.

20. Gurbani deea lagaa(n) maatra(n) – This book talks in detail about Gurbani grammar and correct padd-chhed of shabads.

21. Jhattka maas parthaae tat gurmat nirnay – This books talks about whether eating meat is allowed in Gurmat.

22. Jot Vigaas joq – An poetic epic on Gurmat philosophy, tradition and mysticism.

23. Darshan jhalkaa – A collection of poems written by Bhai Sahib in love of Guru Sahibaan

1. Amrit Ki hai?
2. The Meaning of Sikh Baptism
3. Amrit kalaa
4. Gurmat ramjaa
5. Sikh Kaun hai
6. Waheguru Simran
7. Sachiaa(n) daatRiaa(n)
8. Supna
9. Aastak te naastak
10. Shakiaa
11. Naam saba
12. Baba vayd rogiaa
13. Adhrisht Waheguru de parthak darshan
14. Singhaa da panth niralaa
15. Timar agyaan to
16. Ko virla gurmat chalay jeeo ko
17. Haumai naavay naal virodh hai
18. Naam da data Satguru
19. Zaharaa zahoor Guru Gobind Singh Ji
20. Sikhi Sidhak te dharma rakhiaa
21. Keertani jathay de singhaa

Books about Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

Sa(n)khep jeevan – Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh by Dr. Trilochan Singh

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