Final Moments & Akaal Chalana

In 1960 Bhai Sahib’s leg veins became weak due to having spent so much time in the dark dungeons, though the rest of his body was healthy. He only had trouble walking about. On April 13, 1961, all the Jatha came to see Bhai Sahib for Vaisakhi. On April 14th he wished good bye to everyone and sent them off. On April 16th, in the morning, he prepared to leave for Gurpuri (i.e. he knew his time to go from this earth had arrived).

It was a Sunday. On Saturday night, his entire bed had moved and his body seemed very restless as though the time had arrived for that great soul to leave his body.

From Amrit Vela, Veer Balbir Singh (Bhai Sahib’s son), Veer Sajan Singh, Bibi Dalaer Kaur (Bhai Sahib’s daughter), I and my Singhnee along with some others sat beside Bhai Sahib. At 7 am, I rose to have some words with Bhai Balbir Singh who was in the yard when Bhai Sahib raised both his arms, motioning for me to remain seated. I sat near him. He lovingly called Bibi Dalaer Kaur and he tightly clasped my right arm. I took his other hand and put it to my chest. A very strong current passed through my body.

Everyone began to feel that the moment was drawing near. Everyone wanted to say some words to him or at least hear some final words but that holy soul who had spent his final days in peace, happiness and Sehaj avashtaa, also made his final moments miraculous. This happened at 7.30am on April 16, 1961.

His saskaar (cremation) happened at the pond between Gujjarwal and Narangwal.


-Taken from eye witness account of Dr. Trilochan Singh-



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